Customer Testimonial: Lion’s Den C Playset

Jeri Kay Moujoodi, a blogger as well and a full-time mom and wife, writes about her family’s experience installing the Woodplay Lion’s Den C playset. She has two young boys that are obsessed with the wooden playset. She added a bucket swing for her youngest and a belt swing for her oldest. Because our swings are interchangeable, our playsets can grow with your child as they age.

child playing on a wooden playset deck
Jeri Kay’s husband chose to install their playset himself, but customers should note that you are also able to visit our installer locator at the link here for the set-up process from Woodplay if you are not up to the task.

Jeri Kay says that "My boys were so excited getting a new playset! Woodplay Playsets has some of the best selections of playsets! The quality of the playset is phenomenal, and the playset is so sturdy! The playset will last a lifetime! The one we have is called Lion’s Den C! My kids are going to love this for the years to come!”

Woodplay’s Lion’s Den C Swing Set offers renowned quality, superior construction standards, and safety standards of Woodplay in a value-oriented line. The accessories include a slide, swing beam, monkey climber, safety handles, ship's wheel, two belt swings, and a tire swing. The playset has a great angled base which is great for unlevel yards and creates even more room underneath for your children to enjoy the tire swing.
The Lion’s Den C wood swingset has an ultra-smooth finish with our beams that are milled to have curved edges and that smooth finish to prevent splinters, so you don’t have to worry! The playset dimensions for the Lion’s Den C consist of a length of 22' 11", a width of 11' 8", a height of 11' 10", a deck of 22 square feet, a deck height: 5', and a swing beam Height: 8'. Great for ages 6+, with interchangeable accessory options, Woodplay makes it easy to swap age-appropriate fun as your kids grow.

After the set-up process done by her husband, Jeri Kay exclaims on her social media, “Wow! The playset is amazing! It’s huge and perfect for my kids! The quality of the playset is amazing, it’s sturdy and heavy! My kids are going to love this for years! I give it a 10/10!!!!” Her Instagram account is @jk_farmhouselove.

Woodplay offers an industry leading limited lifetime warranty on all their cedar playsets as well. Every part of Woodplay’s playsets exceed industry standards of safety for your children, with recessed and stimulated hardware, curved lumber edges, chemical free lumber, and even more. The Lion’s Den C also offers rot resistant lumber with this playset. Cedar naturally resist decay, fungal disease, and insects so no harsh chemicals are needed.

Check out our collection of Lion’s Den Playsets as well as some of our similar playsets and products at the link here. Spark your child's imagination and ignite their creativity year after year with Woodplay. 


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