Jack and June

Toy Chest


  • STORE MANY ITEMS — Cedar toy chest is great for keeping toys and many other household or outdoor items organized to be the perfect addition to complete any part of your house or yard
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY SETTING AND BACKGROUND — The toy chest is offered in a medium grey textured stain, making it neutral and perfect for any and every environment in your space
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS -  Toy chest as an assembled piece measures out to be 32” L x 15.5” W x 19.5” H and very sturdily constructed for reliability
  • MADE FROM CEDAR — Naturally decay and insect resistant wood made from cedar lumber without the necessity of using any harsh chemicals just like each of our playsets so you are guaranteed to be worry free
  • VERSATILE CHEST — Use for your keeping toys organized or a storage space for children and adults; can also store things such as pet toys and potting soil indoors and outdoors

Easy DIY Set-Up


You can fill this treasure chest with the wonders of your child’s imagination, as well as their toys! The Jack & June Toy Chest is made out of a beautiful cedar great for keeping toys organized or as a storage space for children. The attractive medium grey textured stain makes this storage chest neutral and perfect for every setting and background. Wherever you decide to use it, it can be made the perfect place. You can use it inside the play room, you can put it in the kids’ room to help remind them to keep the toys picked up and clean; you could also potentially use it outside to keep the yard nice and neat from all the toys that get thrown around or blown everywhere—it is most likely exactly what you need! With the lid of the toy chest not being a fully closed seal, it provides a no-pinch point which will keep your little one’s fingers safe and unharmed.  The dimensions of the toy chest when it is assembled measure to be 32” L x 15.5” W x 19.5” H. The wooden toy chest can be set up and assembled within just a few short minutes.

Little Girl Putting Toys in Jack and June Wooden Toy Chest


Modern Finish

Medium grey textured stain

Rot Resistant Lumber

Cedar lumber is naurally decay and insect resistant


Lightweight lid for easy access by kids ages 3 and up


1 year limited warranty

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