Playset Race Car Wheel


  • RACING WHEEL — Wheel is large with a 12” wheel diameter
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY — Made from heavy-duty, durable polyethylene plastic
  • RESISTS FADING — Plastic includes UV protectors to prevent color fading and loss
  • MOUNTS TO ANY WALL — Mounts to any wall panel on most wooden playsets
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED — Includes all necessary mounting hardware


Kids of all ages, get ready to start your engines and build your imagination even more than you already have! Go ahead and turn your child’s outdoor playset and imagination into a speeding race car with the Woodplay Swing Set Signature Yellow and Green Racing Steering Wheel. This 12” diameter racing wheel will spark your child's imaginations as well as add hours of fun to their back yard play time. Whether they pretend to be in a high-speed race like NASCAR, or pretending to learn how to drive, they will have the time of their lives with this playset accessory from Woodplay. It is made from heavy-duty and durable polyethylene plastic, and the wheel is able to stand up to all of the steering, pulling, and playing kids can give to it. It also has UV coating that will protect it from the outdoor elements and will also keep the color vibrant for many years in the future as well. The wheel also comes with a one-year limited warranty, and it even rotates a full 180 degrees too. When you order the wheel from Woodplay, it comes with the racing wheel along with all the necessary hardware for set-up process as well. The wheel only weighs two lbs. so no need to worry about any heavy lifting. You are also able to mount this Yellow and Green Racing Steering Wheel to any type of wooden playset wall panel with our included mounting material from Woodplay in order to make it an easy set up process for you. So come on down and start your engines racers with this awesome Woodplay Racing Wheel!

Woodplay playset racing wheel



12" wheel diameter


Made from ultra-durable polyethylene plastic

Sun Protection

UV resistant construction

Fully Rotates

Rotates 360 degrees


1 Year Limited Warranty

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