All-New Playhouse, Porch Swing, & Cedar Adirondack Chair

Jack & June is a proud member of the Woodplay Playsets family of brands from Escalade Sports and they just recently announced its newest releases for the year of 2022 in the outdoor play and leisure lines. The all-new Playhouse, Porch Swing, and Cedar Adirondack Chair are providing even more opportunities for families to enjoy spending time and making memories in the outdoors together.

Since the year of 2018, Jack & June have quickly become the backyard favorite for most family small and large, thanks to its wide range of easy-to-use, do-it-yourself play solutions that can be installed in any backyard. Its newest launch of the Playhouse, Porch Swing, and the cedar Adirondack Chair is another example of the company's undeniable dedication to promoting active, outdoor play that is critical for young children that are enhancing their development of motor skills as well as their social abilities and their problem-solving abilities.

"In addition to stimulating children's imaginations and providing entertainment in any yard or home, at Jack & June, we are committed to expanding this line so that more kids and families as a whole can enjoy the outdoors and develop a healthy lifestyle," says Lucas Woodford, associate product manager at Escalade Sports.

Featuring the popular farmhouse style, the all-new Playhouse stimulates children's imaginations, as well as encouraging creativity as they continue explore, while providing critical developmental benefits that may help them reach cognitive, physical, and emotional milestones as they grow. While using the playhouse, children will be able to help their own cognitive growth without even trying, but most importantly they will also hopefully be making many special memories with family and friends in the process of doing that as well with the Jack and June playset. The brand-new Porch Swing is perfect for spending time outdoors with friends and family, whether you are a kid or a grown-up. This Porch Swing happens to be crafted from premium redwood and it is stained in a modern gray tone in order to provide a smooth finish but without using any harmful chemicals. This swing is perfect for a relaxing night outside with the family, maybe by the fire or just enjoying each other's company, this swing guarantees relaxation. Finally, with the Jack & June Adirondack Chair, you will be able to relax in style during the nice weather months. The Adirondack chair chair is perfect for relaxing in the nice, hot summer weather, or even the nice cool weather at nighttime with a peaceful breeze, or even in the fall too! The Adirondack Chair's ergonomic design and structure ensures comfort as well as relaxation, while also having a lighter textured finish look to making it mix with a variety of different conditions and environments, this happens to make it perfect for everything as far as patios, decks, backyards, gardens, and even more. These products will be a great asset to any of these places for your small or large family-- as long as memories are being made, Jack and June will be happy!

jack and june porch swing

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