Endless Customization for Endless Fun

Talk to your local Woodplay dealer to create your own perfect playset!

When it comes to houses, one size does not fit all. Bigger families need more rooms. Some people want a garage that is also a workshop, while others might want a game room in the basement. Everyone wants a kitchen that suits their needs. Windows and outdoor space need to suit the climate and the land around the house. The same is true with playsets. Just as no two families are identical, every playset should reflect their family’s unique needs. That’s why Woodplay offers so many different options for customization. We make all of our sets to be designed and built to suit your needs exactly, from the layout to the roof to the large and small accessories that match your family.

Your local Woodplay dealer can help walk you through the many ways to customize your playset. From the initial selection of style, to the build and orientation that suits your yard, and finally to choosing the right swings, slides, and climbing features for your kids. After that, you can select from our wide array of accessories for age-appropriate fun as your kids grow. Woodplay makes it easy.

Start with the big accessories. Choose a roof that expresses your own style, whether it is a fun, brightly colored canvas roof in stripes or solid colors, or a more durable wooden roof, maybe even our beautiful Gable Wood Roof. Next, choose the right slide to suit your space and your kids ages. A 10’ slide as their first slide, then upgrade that to a 360° Super Slide or even the Hurricane Slide as kids grow. Climbing options include everything from a basic wooden step ladder to a Monkey Climber or Rope Rung Ladder. Bigger features mean more fun, new challenges for kids. And the swings are just as varied. Get a Bucket Swing for your toddler, then upgrade that to a Belt Swing or a Tire Swing.

And the options to suit your kids’ personal preference are just as varied. Whether your little one likes to imagine themselves as a chef or print shop owner, a teacher or artist, our Add-On options give them tools of the trade. Or maybe they’re learning about pirates on the open seas? Attach a Retractable Telescope and a Ship’s Wheel to help them create their own Jolly Roger.

Woodplay has the custom options and accessories to make your own perfect playset. See the "Find a Showroom" or "Find a Dealer Near Me" links on every page to reach your local dealer today!

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