Use Holidays to Add New Accessories and Decor to Your Playset

Birthday coming up? Christmas time? How ‘bout giving them something that will encourage healthy outdoor play? A new playset accessory will inspire and entertain them as they grow.

Woodplay offers age-appropriate accessories for every playset we make. When your kids are smaller, a bucket swing or a basic slide will be enough. As they get bigger, they’ll want a tire swing or a trapeze. We make it easy to surprise them with a new, 360-degree super slide! Or a rung ladder. What better way to celebrate a milestone than with something they’ll use every day?

Smaller accessories are also perfect gifts for growing kids as they learn and imagine new ways of adventuring and creating. Early learners will love chalkboards and sandboxes, but they’ll be able to take their playsets on far flung adventures by adding a ship’s wheel and some binoculars. They can search the horizon for targets with the retractable telescope and announce their presence with a megaphone!

If you're gifting a playset around a holiday or for a special occasion such as a birthday, it's a great way to decorate your playset to make the announcement themed.

To make your playset come to life with every holiday, check out the five tips below for inspiration:

  • Birthdays
    • Celebrate birthdays outside by decorating your playset with balloons, streamers, and banners for your little one’s birthday! Our picnic tables make the perfect accessory for the cake and gifts table.
  • Fourth of July
    • What better place to watch the fireworks show than from the top of your playset or from the comfort of a Woodplay Hammock! Complete the theme with a festive Fourth of July message on your chalkboard using red, white, and blue chalk!
  • Tea Parties
    • Take your tea parties outside using a Jack & June picnic table. Combine tea-time with play time using the Convertible Picnic Table or take a break and relax with a snack at the Circular Picnic Table
jack and june convertible picnic table
  • Halloween
    • For the older kiddos, turn your playset into a haunted house! Add some caution tape, fake spider webs and spiders, and even a few ghosts here and there to make it as eerie or friendly as your little ones prefer!
  • Christmas
    • Convert your playset into a winter wonderland by wrapping beams in lights and garland. Icicle lights are easy to hang and the perfect decoration addition for long swingset beams. Bonus points if you have a nearby tree that can be decorated as a Christmas tree! 

Talk to your local Woodplay retailer to find the right accessory to fit your child’s age, and your playset. And don't forget to get creative seasonally with your set's decor! Woodplay playsets are built for a lifetime of fun. 

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