Highest Quality Playsets

Woodplay is and has been dedicated to producing the absolute finest quality playsets for you and your family, no matter how many people are in your family. We offer you a no kidding guarantee, as well as triple joint construction, bigger beams, and galvanized, recessed hardware. Our wood is sourced from sustainable forests so we can continue to keep making quality playsets for future generations to come!

No Kidding Guarantee

Woodplay offers an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty on all of its playsets - and that is not a joke.


Our wood is responsibly sourced from sustainable, managed forests, so we can keep making quality playsets for generations to come, while protecting the environment.

Triple Joint

There are three large timbers that overlap and that are secured with three pieces of hardware for the very strongest joints in the playset industry.

Bigger Beams

We mill our timbers to be bigger and stronger to help them be the best. Woodplay beams measure up to true construction grade dimensions.

Cedar Construction

Cedar naturally resists rot and decay and it also minimizes warping and cracking compared to other wood species.

Galvanized, Recessed Hardware

Our heavy-duty hardware is rust-resistant, commercial-grade, and recessed to prevent scrapes and snags while your little ones play. This is a very important aspect to playsets, especially wood ones-- we do not want the little ones getting splinters!

There are multiple different Woodplay playsets to choose from at the best quality.

Starting with the Jungle Swinger Playset, this is the perfect swingset for somewhat smaller yards, but there are three swing positions that you can mix and match, one with trapeze bars and rings, which means it is not a swing set that lacks any fun. It is the perfect addition and starter to any backyard in order to add some sort of challenge for your child or children.

Next, we have the Jungle Climber Wooden Swing Playset. This playset provides heavy encouragement for children to use their motor skills in order to develop them more, emphasizing strength, balance, and coordination. The age recommendations for this Woodplay playset is for ages 3 and up however, is very durable made from cedar wood and will be very long lasting. 

We also have the Woodplay Tiger Tower A. This playset includes so many things such as a picnic table, safety handles, ship's wheel, telescope, trapeze, two belt swings, rock wall, as well as a wave slide. This playset also offers a limited lifetime warranty; Woodplay actually does this for all of their cedar playsets. 

tiger tower a

Also, Woodplay has the Outback Space Saver 3, which is not a huge playset but has so much incorporated into it, this will save you space in the backyard while giving the kids a fun place to go to and have a lot of different things to do. Some of the things included in this playset are safety handles, racing wheel, belt swing, tire swing, telescope, rope rung ladder, rock wall, and also a monkey climber. 

While this is not the last Woodplay playset by far, it is the last one we will be discussing today. Be sure to check out all of Woodplay's playsets by clicking this link here. Lastly, Woodplay has a playset called the Megaset 4; this playset is equipped with a trapeze, belt swings, extended bubble panel, rock wall, rope rung ladder, and a wood roof. So many things to do and so many memories that will be made with this playset. 

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