Why Woodplay?

Why should you consider a Woodplay playset for your backyard? Here are five reasons families choose Woodplay.

  1. Safest Swingsets on the Block

There is nothing more important to Woodplay than the safety of your children. Every inch of our playsets go above and beyond the industry safety standards. Woodplay serves on the ASTM International Board to set the standards in playset safety. Additional safety features on Woodplay sets include signature hand grips to lend a hand when climbing, rain cushions which provide an extra layer of protection on entrances and exits, no sharp edges, and no harmful chemicals on any of our swing sets. Our heavy-duty hardware is rust-resistant, commercial-grade, and is recessed to prevent scrapes and snags with your children play.

  1. Highest Quality Playsets Out There

We are confident we have the best quality swing sets available. We’ve dedicated our mission to creating the finest playsets for your family. We mill our playset timbers to be bigger and stronger and measure up to true construction grade dimensions. Our wood is responsibly sourced from sustainable, managed forests so we can keep making quality wooden swing sets for years to come while protecting the environment.

  1. Cedar Construction Has Amazing Advantages

Did you know cedar naturally resists rot and decay and minimizes warping and cracking compared to other wood species? That means there’s no need for harsh chemical treatments. The lumber used in our playsets are dimensionally stable which mean the boards will remain flat and straight with minimal warping and cupping. Three large limbers overlap and are secured with three pieces of hardware for the strongest joints in the industry.

  1. Versatility for All Ages

We pride ourselves on how versatile our playsets are for all ages. With Woodplay’s Funnovations, stock your swing set with swings and accessories for toddlers to preteens. Our kid-tested accessories are easily interchangeable and swapped out as your child grows. 

  1. Lifetime Warranty

At Woodplay, we offer a no-kidding guarantee — an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty that’s no joke. We’re proud to offer the best warranty in the industry.

6. Sustainability 

At Woodplay, leaving our kids a healthy planet is integral to our beliefs. So we build our sets using naturally bug and rot resistant cedar, sourced from sustainably managed forests. It's also why we build our sets to last for decades. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Woodplay gives your child the best swing set on the block. Woodplay provides so many opportunities for creative and active play. Find your local retailer today.

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