Swing Set Buying Guide

An outdoor playset is a large purchase so it’s important to consider your needs in order to make an informed buying decision. A few factors to consider during your search for the right swing set are location, play area size, ages of children, material, and more.


First, think about the location where you would be installing your new playset. What is the yard like? Is it flat? Is it uneven? Woodplay has two different bases to choose from. There is a play set base to suit each type of backyard. Square bases are perfect for flat and level backyards. Square bases’ post-and-beam construction accommodate popular accessories beneath the base, including a built-in sandbox or a full-size convertible picnic table which doubles as a sandbox cover. Meanwhile, angled bases are perfect for sloping backyards. Angled bases feature wide-angle ladders that create roomier play spaces beneath the playset for more active play — add a tire swing, for instance!

Play Area Size

Next, you can think about your yard size and how much space you would like your playset to occupy. If the area you’re wanting to place a playset has a perimeter of around 42 feet to 70 feet, a small set would be the best for you. If your yard has a perimeter of 70 to 88 feet, a medium playset would be right for you. Lastly, yard perimeters of more than 90 feet, a large playset would work best for you.

Ages of Children

Instead of buying a swing set that suits your family’s needs now, it’s important to think about the future. Think about how your children will change over the next few years and add a playset they will grow into over the next decade. Woodplay offers accessories for all ages and you can easily switch out swings as they age.


There are three types of playsets typically sold — wooden, metal, and vinyl. Woodplay swing sets come in cedar, which is a classic choice due to their aesthetic and durability. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insects and don’t require harsh chemicals to be treated.

Additional Factors to Consider

Go with the Pros

When the safety of your children is involved, it’s best to go with a well-known brand with a team of professional installers who are trained to install variations of playsets day in and day out.


When making a large backyard purchase, it’s important to choose a playset company that stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty. Woodplay is proud to have a no-kidding guarantee that is no joke. All our playsets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Test it Out 

Another important factor to consider is if you can take it for a test drive first. Getting your child involved in the playset buying decision is a good idea! Have them plot out their dream play set with a drawing and then visit your local showroom to have your kids test out the playset before you buy. Then you’ll work with the local dealer to customize the set and watch their wildest dreams come true!

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swing set buying guide

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