Do Playsets Add Value to Your Home?

Customers often ask us, “Do play sets add value to your home?” Backyard playsets can absolutely add value to your home and can even make your house a must-buy for the right person. Investing in a swing set can enhance the beauty of your home and increase the curb appeal — when done correctly. We’ll review tips on how to avoid backyard eyesores with Woodplay.

Oftentimes, young families with growing children are some of the most common house hunters and having a gorgeous play set in your backyard sweetens the deal. Woodplay’s wooden playsets are sought after for their gorgeous wooden aesthetics. The cedar construction is dimensionally stable which means the boards will remain flat and straight with minimal warping or cupping. The cedar material is also naturally decay and insect resistant and doesn’t require harsh chemical treatments. Wooden playsets do not require as much upkeep, maintenance, aren’t affected by weather damage, and stay looking good longer which makes the home upgrade (and the value) just as permanent as building a deck or a pergola onto your home.

Another way to keep the appearance of your playset looking nice with your home is to install landscaping around your playset making the play area look inviting and appealing against your home. The backyard will have a polished look with a boarder created around the swing set. Trees planted a safe distance away can also provide nice natural shade to keep your kids cool while they play. It’s also important to keep your playset well-maintained with preventative measures. Read more about maintaining your Woodplay Playset here.

woodplay playset backyard

So, there’s no question that the right play set boosts your home value. When homeowners are on the search for a new house, a high-quality playset in the backyard can be a selling feature. Homeowners planning for a family in the future, homeowners with children now, or grandparents or anyone entertaining young kids will love having a playset in the backyard.

Not only do you have the answer to the question, “Do play sets add value to your home?” but you know why, too. At Woodplay Playsets, we build the highest quality swing sets that will raise your home’s resale value. While play equipment can increase the value of your home when you sell, keep in mind that a playset adds value while you live there as well. You need to get your children outside and play with them. A playset is a great investment in your home but also in their health and happiness. But not just any playset will be enough. It's important to choose a playset that's as safe and sturdy as it is fun, and from a company you can trust. That's our mission at Woodplay. If you’re ready to start shopping for your very own Woodplay Playset enter your zip code to be connected with your nearest official Woodplay Playset dealer here or we recommend exploring our best sellers if there is not one near you.  All our sets are fully customizable with the accessories and add-ons your kids will love.

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