How to care for your playset

A maintained playset is a durable playset!

Woodplay playsets are made from the finest quality cedar, which resists mold and insects for years of play. And the plastic accessories should stand up to any weather mother nature can throw at them. But maintaining your set with a few easy steps will help it last even longer and ensure maximum safety for generations to come!

how to care for your playset

Here are our recommendations for a long-lasting playset:

The two main threats to your playset’s durability are UV damage and the growth of mildew that comes from moisture and dirt. So, it is very important to keep both the wood and the plastic and metal components and accessories clean. Low pressure washing is a great idea every few months or even annually, depending on your climate zone and the exposure of the set. Use water and a diluted bleach solution to clean all the surfaces.

  • You can use a stain or sealant to help protect the wood from UV rays and Moisture damage. If you choose to stain it, make sure you use a non-toxic stain or sealant. Please reach out to your local dealer to acquire the stain and further assistance.
  • We advise waiting a full year after installation before applying any stain or sealant, to allow the wood to fully dry.
  • When staining your set, thoroughly clean your set and let it dry before applying stain.
  • If the wood shows splinters, sand them down using fine sandpaper to make sure you do not take off any stain or sealant you may have previously applied.
  • It is also a good idea to check all the hardware of your set frequently. While we use locking hardware, it is always a good idea to make sure all the various nuts, bolts and screws are tight and not coming loose.
  • Since water can cause damage, it is also best to avoid sprinklers spraying excess water onto the set. So, if possible, make sure your lawn irrigation system is not over spraying onto the playset.
playset maintenance

We build Woodplay playsets to last a lifetime, and that is why we offer, an industry leading 5 Year Warranty on all our accessories and add-ons, as well as a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the wood components of all our playsets. It is the best warranty in the business.

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