Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Buying an outdoor swingset or playset for your family can feel like a big decision. That’s why we have local dealers all over the country ready to assist you and your family with finding the best playset. Your local retailer will welcome you into their showroom to view and have your child play with all the potential options. They will carefully review your wish list to creating the perfect playset, help you customize the set, and design it.

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First, you’ll choose a base style and a roof. There are two different playset base styles to choose from which depends on your backyard. Square swing set bases are great for flat and level backyards. Angled playset bases are great for sloping or uneven backyards. Angled bases create roomier play spaces underneath the swing set. Woodplay has two roof styles to choose between a colorful vinyl roof or a classic wooden roof.

Secondly, you’ll choose a size, height, and combo number for your wooden playset. There are three different playset deck heights to choose from: 5’, 6’, or 7’. There are also two different deck sizes to choose from: regular (5’ x 5’) or XL (5’ x 7’). Thinking about your yard size and how much space you want your swing set to occupy is important here. To learn more about other factors you should consider when buying a playset, visit our Playset Buying Guide here.

Lastly, you’ll choose your options! In step three, you will add the features you want to create your family’s ideal playset. This can include slides, swings, add-ons such as a rock wall or rope ladder, accessories such as a ship’s wheel or racing wheel, and more. When you are done planning your new playset, your local Woodplay dealer can also deliver and install it for you!

Then you will watch your child’s imagination come to life in active, enriching outdoor play. Ready to start shopping for your Woodplay Playset? Visit our Find a Dealer map here. If you do not have a local dealer near you, we would love for you to view our premade sets online here and can ship right to your door.

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