Woodplay Playset Safety Tips

Nothing is more important than the safety of your children. At Woodplay, we make sure every inch of our playsets go above and beyond industry standards. It’s also crucial to teach kids how to play safely. If both you as the parent and your children follow the rules of the playground, kids can enjoy the fresh air and fun of our outdoor swing sets.

Safety Tips for Children on the Playground

  • Don’t walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items.
  • Don’t twist the swing chains or loop them over the swing beam, since this may reduce the strength of the rope.
  • Don’t swing empty swing seats.
  • Don’t swing sideways into the path of adjacent swings.
  • Don’t use the equipment in a manner other than that for which it is intended.
  • Don’t get off the equipment while it is in motion.
  • Don’t swing when they are wet or when the equipment is wet.
  • Don’t stand in the swing seats.
  • Don’t ride or leave bicycles or other toys in the swing area.
  • Don’t use hammers, saws, nails, or wrenches on the equipment.
  • Don’t swing so high that chains become slack, or above the height of the swing support.
  • Don’t climb on top of the swing beam.
  • Don’t attach to the playground equipment any item that is not specifically designed for use with the playset, such as (but not limited to) jump ropes, clotheslines, pet leashes, cables, and chains. These may become strangulation hazards.
  • Sit in the center of the swings with their full weight on the seats.
  • Hold on to swings with both hands.
  • Watch for other children while swinging or playing near the equipment.

Safety Tips for Parents on the Playground 

  • Limit swinging heights to each child’s ability.
  • Dress children appropriately for play. Use well-fitting shoes that do not have slippery soles. Avoid ponchos, scarves, hoods, loose-fitting clothing, neckties, and any clothing with a drawstring. Serious injury could result should any part of the children’s clothing become entangled in the equipment.
  • Do not allow children to play wearing helmets.
  • Remember that children are inventive. When they develop games that are unsafe, be alert and change the rules.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions here or contact Woodplay’s customer service team at 1-800-966-3752.

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