How to Build a Swing Set Frame

Build your own A-frame swing set with the Jack and June Swing Set Brackets. It is the safest, strongest, and quickest way to build your own and requires only two people to install.

It is important to note before we discuss how to build this swing set frame, that you must purchase two swing set brackets to be successful in building an A-frame swing set, as the brackets are sold individually.  Our heavy-duty DIY Swing Set brackets are powder-coated for long-lasting performance and durability. They provide a template to easily drill the holes. No measurements are needed when you use our brackets. Mounting hardware is included with each bracket. Once you add swings, you can create a DIY playset in just minutes by following these instructions below.

Items Needed to Build an A-Frame Swing Set Frame:

  • Cordless drill or impact drill
  • 3/16” Drill Bit
  • ½” Socket (3/8” Drive)
  • Socket adaptor 3/8”
  • One 4x6 top lumber piece
  • Four 4x4 support lumber pieces
  • Two Jack & June swing set brackets

How to Build an A-Frame Swing Set Frame:

Starting with one of the brackets, attach it to the swing beam that will be the top of the A-frame swing set. Then add the second bracket on the other end of this same swing beam. Following the first step, you will use the 3/16” bit, and drill six pilot holes (one set in a triangle shape on the thicket part of the bracket around the beam, one hole under another on the two thinner parts of the bracket). TIP: Have a second person hold the bracket in place so it does not move.

a frame for swing set

The next step is to secure the brackets with a lag bolt into the holes that you drilled in the previous step. TIP: Again, have your second person hold the bracket down in place so it does not move. After that, you will need to insert the four beam legs of the A-frame all the way into the brackets so it will be able to stand. Using a 3/16” bit, drill eight more pilot holes through the bracket and the leg beams one under another. TIP: Make sure your second person holds the legs still, so they do not move. Next, secure the legs of the frame to bracket with the lag bolt and washer. Again, have a second person hold the legs in place to prevent unwanted movement.

When this is completed, you and your second person can team lift the assembled frame from both ends and stand the swing set up, so it resembles the A-frame. Then, you have successfully completed the assembly. If you choose to install accessories such as swings, you must follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for those specific things. Watch the below video about building your own swing set frame here.

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Start Building Your A-Frame Swing Set