How Tall Should a Swing Set Be?

Tall playsets and high-flying swings are fun for all ages, from speeding down steep slides to enjoying a view of the backyard from the top. Because taller sets mean faster rides and even more fun climbing, kids of all ages can use a playset of any height depending on the activity. However, when the deck is higher, the areas of play do change for safe and enjoyable play, so it is important to take your child's age into consideration when choosing the deck height.

What is deck height?

Deck height refers to the distance between the ground and the base of your playset's main deck, in feet. There are three deck heights available at Woodplay: 5', 6', and 7'.

So why is deck height so important?

Deck height will determine, the length of a slide, swing beam height, and affects some accessories.

  • Length of Slide: Slide Length is 2 x the deck height.  A 5’ deck will accommodate a 10’ slide, a 6’ will accommodate a 12’, and a 7’ will accommodate a 14’ slide and so on.
  • Swing beam height: As the deck increases in height so does the height of the beam that houses swings and other hanging accessories. The higher the beam, the more arc that can be produced, the higher the arc, the more fun.
  • Accessories: As the deck gets higher, so must some accessories. For example, our climbing walls, ramps and firepoles. The higher the deck the longer the accessories are and the more challenging it is for the kids.

Deck height does not determine the size of swing set footprint, or the size of the deck (square footage). These are both determined by the playset design.

Woodplay Deck Heights

5-ft deck heights - Among all types of playsets, 5-foot deck height playsets are the most common.  They are fairly compact but also provide an enjoyable experience for both younger and older children. In order to accommodate your children as they grow, a deck height of at least 5 feet is recommended, as some companies offer lower deck heights.

6-ft deck heights - Compared to 5-ft deck height playsets, 6-ft deck height playsets have a higher swing arc. They are the most popular choice for people who want a playset that everyone can enjoy. We have heard from parents that their children use these sets well into their teen years.

7-ft deck heights - Playsets with 7-foot deck heights have swing arcs that are higher than those with 6-foot deck heights with endless opportunities for customization and imagination that the whole neighborhood can play on!

Every single one of our pieces from our simplest options to our biggest sets is designed to be ultra-exciting and ultra-safe for kids. Ready to start shopping for your Woodplay Playset? Visit our Find a Dealer map.

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