Preparing your Playset for Winter

Preparing your swing set for the change of seasons and winter weather is crucial so it will be ready to go again in the spring. Make sure you are ready before the time comes so you know what to expect. Because wooden playsets can sustain damage over the winter months, it is important to take the proper precautions to keep your swing set is the best condition possible. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make sure your playset stays durable and in pristine condition for years even during the harsh weather elements, especially the winter months of snow and slush if that happens in your area.  

Ways to Winterize Your Swing Set:

  1. Make sure you add a fresh coat of stain or seal your playset at least once a year and choose the proper sealant.
    1. While the cedar used for our playsets is naturally decay resistant, sealing it one to two times a year will add an extra layer of protection so you can have a mind free from worries about slivers and wood where it doesn’t belong.
    2. It is important to note it may be a good idea to sand the wood of the playset before sealing it. Also make sure the stain or seal dries completely before doing anything else with the playset.
  2. During the cold months, try and remove the plastic or easily removable parts of the playset and store them in a closed area. This will prevent any weather damage while not in use. As the cold weather arises, the more breakable and easier to crack the parts become.
  3. While it is not a requirement to do this to keep your playset in the best condition, some have found it useful to cover their playset with a tarp over the winter months or if they know it will be raining or snowing in their area at a certain point. This will ensure that the moisture will be kept away from the playset.
    1. If you decide to place a tarp over the playset, it is recommended that you allow some airflow within the tarp that is placed so there will not be any allowed room for mold or mildew.
    2. Another important note is Woodplay playsets are made to withstand all types of weather elements. However, keeping your playset in the best condition with the best care will keep you confident in knowing your playset will last for years and years.
  4. Keep your playset and the area around it clean and free of snow and leaves.
    1. Leaving this type of debris will allow for moisture to grow in the areas it does not belong. Make sure to clean up the areas when you can.
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While each of these tips to prepare your playset for winter are strongly recommended, they are simply suggestions to keep your playset having a long lifespan so generations upon generations can enjoy the memories it creates. To see the best wooden playsets on the market, find your closest Woodplay dealer or see Woodplay’s selection of playsets as well as many accessories and other outdoor features to choose from.

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