How to Install DIY Monkey Bars is the one-stop-shop for all things swingsets, playground accessories, and outdoor leisure. Recently, we have added another backyard accessory that is sure to have the kids entertained for hours while also contributing to their physical health and strength.  

We introduce to you our DIY Monkey Bars Kit from our Jack and June line of accessories. Our DIY Monkey Bars are extremely durable, safe, UV-Resistant and fun! The ‘do-it-yourself’ focus allows you to build your own monkey bar set to add the perfect extra piece to your yard. Construction of the Monkey Bars can take as little as a few minutes with few hands so your children can enjoy and learn the monkey bars even sooner. The monkey bars can grow with your child; DIY Monkey bars can be made small and as your child grows, they can be expanded and made bigger. Some hardware is included such as the steel rungs, brackets, handles, and hardware. However, the lumber to build these monkey bars is not included in the set and must be purchased separately. The lumber can be stained.

Installing monkey bars is a fun and exciting DIY project that promises endless hours of enjoyment for your children. Let’s start with a step-by-step guide to help you with the installation process:

  • Choose a suitable spot in your yard where the monkey bars can be securely built. Ensure that there is enough space for children to comfortably climb.
  • Read the manual given carefully within the DIY Monkey Bars package before assembly.
  • For tools that are needed for installation, see page 7 in the manual.

Step 1 of installing your DIY Monkey Bars - On the clean, flat area you have chosen, lay out three 4x4 beams on the ground

Step 2 – Place one triangle bracket on a corner of the 4x4s and use the groove in the Triangle Bracket to align the 4x4 beams (see detail A in your manual)

jack and june playset accessories build it yourself monkey bar kit

Step 3 – With the help from another adult, secure the triangle bracket to the 4x4’s with a 3/8” x 1.75” lag bolts and 3/8” washers, making sure that the grooves in the triangle bracket is still lined up with the 4x4s; the bottom back edge of the horizontal 4x4 will be flush with the top back edge of the side 4x4

Step 4 – Attach another triangle bracket to the other end of the 4x4s just as you did before. Once you have finished this step, a sub-assembly is complete

Step 5 – Repeat steps 1-4 to attach the triangle brackets to three more 4x4s in order to complete another subassembly

Step 6 – Flip over one subassembly and attach the second set of triangle brackets using 3/8” x 1.75” lag bolts and 3/8” washers

Step 7 – Repeat step 6 to attach the two remaining triangle brackets to the second subassembly

diy monkey bars assembly manual

Step 8 – On one of the subassemblies, attach two outside horizontal rungs using 1.5” Phillips wood screws – do not fully tighten

build playground monkey bars on your own from jack and june woodplay

Step 9 – On the same subassembly, attach the top step rung on each side using Phillips screws positioning it 33.5 inches from the bottom edge; once again do not fully tighten the screws

Step 10 – With the help of another adult, place the second subassembly on a flat surface, then take assembly from Step 9 and place the four rungs face down on the second subassembly. Again, secure the Phillips Wood Screws but do not fully tighten them

jack and june diy monkey bars kit

Step 11 – Assemble four rungs on horizontal 4x4s equally spaced using the Phillips Wood Screws (Approximately 11-1/4” between rungs); do not fully tighten

Step 12 – Next, assemble 2 additional step rungs on each ladder 4x4s using the Phillips Wood Screws (approximately 9” between rungs); do not fully tighten

Step 13 – Now, tighten all the rungs at this time until secure. After that, with the help of another adult, carefully rotate the assembly so it is standing upright and is sturdy

easy assembly monkey bar set from jack and june outdoor play equipment

Step 14 – Locate the center grounds of the two bottom 4x4s for the base of each ladder. Mark the hole locations, each end will be about 34” from the ends of the ladder; then drill a hole in each marked spot

diy monkey bars set from jack and june playground accessories

Step 15 – Attach ground 4x4 with 3/8” x 5.5” Lag screws and 3/8” washers; ensure the bottom edge of the ground 4x4 is flat on the ground.

Then, repeat steps 13-15 for the second ground 4x4

Step 16 – Finally, attach the 4 handles on the outside surface of the ladders about 64 inches from the bottom edge of the 4x4 – use the ¼” x 3 Lag screw and 1/4” washers.

jack and june diy monkey bars assembly

Congratulations, you have successfully built your DIY Monkey Bars set for the kiddos to enjoy.

jack and june do it yourself monkey bars completed assembly

Nice work! For more information on all things playsets, accessories, and more, be sure to visit! For a complete video on how to install your DIY Monkey Bars, visit the link here

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