Haven vs. Haven II Playsets: What’s the Difference?

As a brand that specializes in giving our customers great quality and safe playsets for all age ranges, our Jack and June lineup of playsets is no exception. We often get questions regarding a couple of our top selling Jack and June playsets, the Jack and June Haven and Haven II. How do the two playsets compare and how do they differ? Whether you're seeking a playset that offers a slide, safety features, or versatility for your children, our Haven I and Haven II playsets have you covered with all types of features offered. Let's get started and examine the two playsets from Jack and June.

The main differences between the Jack and June Haven and Haven II swingsets are the accessories that are included in each set and the deck heights attached to the sets as well.

The Haven:

Choose from two slides, either a 4-foot slide or an 8-foot slide to allow all ages to experience safe, fun sliding. The Haven has three entry and exit points available, and three different deck heights. The wooden swing set includes two belt swings, telescope, steering wheel, fireman’s pole, rock climbing wall with a climbing rope, standard step ladder, port window, and safety handles. All swing hardware and chains are included. This must-have backyard playset is made of naturally decay and insect resistant cedar. 

haven jack and june playset

The Haven II:

It has a safe slide and can be built with up to three entry points and two different deck heights. It also includes two belt swings, a rock wall with climbing rope, a step ladder, and a racing wheel, port window and telescope. New to the Haven II is an all-new and upgraded one-piece slide design with high borders and made of a foam HDPE material for less friction and better glide. The Haven II swing set is also made from naturally decay and insect resistant cedar, so you'll be able to ignite their imagination for years to come.

Like the Haven I, the Haven II playset features a rock wall, monkey bars, slide, belt swings, and trapeze bar. However, it also introduces an exciting tire swing, adding another element of excitement for play. Offering a spacious design and additional features, the Haven II playset is perfect for larger families or children who love to host playdates or get their little ones active in the nice weather moments. Both the Haven I and Haven II playsets are expertly crafted with safety as the top priority, similar to all Woodplay and Jack and June playsets. They are constructed from premium, weather-resistant materials that can withstand the test of time and outdoor elements. Our playsets meet or exceed ASTM safety standards, ensuring a worry-free play experience for all.

jack and june haven II

In conclusion, the Haven I and Haven II playsets from our Jack and June line offer a range of benefits that make them the perfect choice of playsets for your little ones, with a few different key differences such as accessories and space. Jack and June and Woodplay promotes healthy physical activity and imaginative play within our durable playsets and accessories The Haven I and II both offer endless hours of fun and entertainment – just take your pick. Visit swingsets.com today to explore the Haven I and Haven II playsets as well as many other wonderful playsets and accessories to give your children the ultimate play and imaginative experience.

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