Dimensions of Picnic Tables

When someone is looking to add a picnic table to their yard, patio, or any other outdoor space, people often wonder what the measurements of the table are. Of course, you want to know how exactly it is going to fit in your space and how it seats your friends and family before you purchase one. Depending on the height of the table, it may be better suited for a different kind of space around or out of your home than you had originally intended. Let’s learn about the dimensions of a picnic table.

Swingsets.com offers a few different options for picnic tables, both for kids and adults to enjoy. Our cedar wood Adult Rectangular Picnic Table and Adult Circular Wooden Picnic Table are a comfortable and perfect place to socialize with friends or family for both kids and adults. It can be the perfect new place to grill out and eat dinner on a lovely summer evening on the back patio, or as a game night spot for a group of friends. It just so happens that the options are endless for what you can do! The rectangular table is made of premium cedar, while the circle table is made of premium redwood. Both feature a clear stain finish for a natural wooden tone look that is very appealing to the eye.

circular picnic table jack and june

The rectangular table offers rounded edges for extra added safety, which is great if there are kiddos around running all over the place and is also equipped with commercial grade lumber for even more added safety as well as greater durability and support. The assembly process for each table is super easy and convenient and can be built in just minutes. It is the perfect table for any family big or small, and both tables also happens to come partially built as well, as it is included with detailed instructions on how to finish putting it all together so you can sit down and enjoy your table of choice right away. The dimensions of the rectangular table are 72" L x 54" W x 30" H (Tabletop dimensions are 72" L x 28" W). The dimensions of the circular table are 60” L x 70” W x 35” H and the table supports up to 800 lbs. Both tables are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and tall enough for adults, yet short enough for the kiddos to be a part of the enjoyment.

There are two other tables that are part of the Jack and June Lineup, and these are just for the kids, because they deserve their own personal fun too! We offer the Kid’s Convertible Sand Box Picnic Table and the Kid’s Circular Cedar Picnic Table.

jack and june convertible sand box/ picnic table

The Sandbox Picnic Table is compact; perfect for the kiddos and great for both indoors and outdoors. Whether your child wants to use their coloring book on the wooden top or play with sand and toys – they can do both! The premium wood ensures that the sandbox blends into any backyard and the table has rounded corners for added safety. This highly versatile Jack & June Children's Cedar Sand Box and Picnic Table can be used as a picnic table in the garden for outdoor eating or for drawing and playing games out on the deck all year round. The dimensions of the convertible sandbox table are 42” L x 16” W x 30” H. This is sure to be perfect for any child all year-round.  

The Circular Cedar Picnic Table is also great for small spaces and sized for children’s use. The premium cedar wood material makes for long-lasting durability and usage for years down the line. Much like the convertible sandbox, this circle table is great for all kinds of children’s activities and can be used both indoors and outdoors – it’s very easy to maneuver from one spot to the other. The table does not have any sharp edges and it is also a great start in teaching children how to properly sit at a table on their own. The dimensions of the circle table are as follows: 54” L x 30” W x 30” H and weighs a very easy to move 26 lbs. Start your kiddo out right with the Circular Cedar Picnic Table today!

A lot of times, customers must measure the dimensions of tables themselves when shopping, but we make it easy with emphasizing the measurements of each and showing the customer which picnic tables of ours are specifically made for children only, or both adults and children. It also may be important to consider what you will be using the picnic table for, do you want a Jack and June Rectangular table that is made for the whole family, when only the kids are going to be using it throughout the day for activities? It may be worth it to understand what your table will be used for as well as where it will be placed.

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