Swing Set Safety and Maintenance

It’s that time of year again! As the weather is getting nicer, your family may want to get outside and enjoy your Woodplay playset this spring and summer. Here at Woodplay, that’s exactly what we love to hear! We prioritize safety and fun for the whole family, so we want to pass along our advice on how you can keep this a top priority as well.

There are many ways to maintain safety for you and the kiddos while having a Woodplay playset. Whether you have one of our DIY playsets, Megasets, or compact sets, there are tips and tricks to prioritize safety for the kids, so you don’t have to worry. Now that spring is officially here, the fun and safe summer play can also begin.

Playset Maintenance Tips

Before the kiddos take their turns making memories on their fun wooden playset, we recommend going through each part of the playset and making sure each screw is tightened with a wrench to ensure there would be no wobbling or creaking.

Another helpful tip while doing a run-through of the playset is to go over any edges or corners that may have wear and tear and double checking if those spots need to be sanded to prevent injury. Also make sure none of your add-on accessories from Woodplay need cleaning or replacing. Double check if there have been any insects or animals that built a home in them over the winter.

Specifically, since our Woodplay playsets are made out of wood, it is also important to take time out and see if your playset needs to be stained and sealed. If your playset needs this, make sure you allow over 24 hours for the stain to properly dry before using. If you need to stain or seal, we recommend doing this a couple of weeks before you consider allowing the kids to play so they do not inhale any unnecessary fumes. Staining or sealing your playset will keep it all looking shiny and brand new for years as long as you do this annually.

The most important safety tips to remember for your family while using a Woodplay playset are the easiest to know and remember.

  • For starters, make sure you buy and/or have the correct playset for the age group of your kid/kids. On our website, swingsets.com, we recommend the correct ages for each of our playsets as well as the weight capacity and recommended number of occupants on each set. We have playsets for all ages making sure that nobody misses out on the fun.
  • Allow your playset to be on a semi-soft surface such as mulch, pea gravel, rubber, or grass. You most definitely never want to position your playset on gravel or concrete, this could lead to serious injury. A lot of kids love to climb and swing on our playsets, giving them a comfortable place to go back onto is super important.
  • Some other helpful tips for safety include:
    • Have an adult supervisor watching at all times.
      • This is helpful to avoid rough housing and if someone does end up injured, there is an adult present to handle it.
    • Avoid clothing that could potentially get caught or snagged in any part of the playset.
    • One kiddo at a time on the slide, and no climbing up the slide.

There can be many other safety tips and tricks that as a parent, you want your children to follow, make sure you implement these for you and your child’s safety and peace of mind. Here at Woodplay, we encourage fun and safety all in one. It may be a good idea to go over these rules each day the young ones want to play on the playset this summer. A safe and well taken care of playset, is a happy playset.

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