What to Put Under a Swing Set

No matter the size of your yard, it is important to remember to utilize the proper material underneath your playset for it to stay in pristine shape for years and years. Specifically, for our wooden playsets, it is important to note the material that is most necessary for your swing set surface.  While putting your playset onto a big patch of grass is far better than placing it on concrete or asphalt; believe it or not there are still better options for placing your swing set.

The safest and best material to place under your playset will always be a rubber mat, rubber woodchips, or any shock absorbent space. Unfortunately, falls do happen on playsets, and it is important to address it before it happens. Which means getting the material that makes the most sense and is almost injury-proof. While falls are inevitable, injuries are not. Having a shock absorbent or rubber pad under your playset will keep the kids protected and hopefully free from serious injury if they do inherently fall or jump off. While this is the best material to place under a playset, allow us to go into more detail on what else is acceptable and recommended.

  • Mulch or Woodchips
    • Woodchips have a great shock absorbency much like rubber. A child can safely fall from a certain amount of feet onto the woodchips and most likely sustain minimal injury. Woodchips and mulch also absorb moisture thus making it a more comfortable playing spot as well.
    • You can get swing set mulch specifically at most home improvement stores and a lot of places will install it for you.
      • One of the cons of mulch or woodchips for under the playset is that they are a sliver hazard, and they can develop insect problems after years of use. Our recommendation is to evaluate the mulch and woodchips each season if not more often than that.
    • Sand
      • Sand is not only a very soft place to land for a fall, but it is also another thing for the kids to play with amongst their playsets. More sand also equals more cushioning.
    • Pea gravel
      • Pea sized gravel is also a great option for positioning your playset on top of. The amount of gravel and the size will help cushion falls or jumps as well, aka increase safety.
        • One of the only down sides to having pea gravel, is that sometimes the little ones put it in their mouths, making it a choking hazard. This is why supervision while playset is in use is always highly recommended at all times.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of places will install your playset area surface for you, and Woodplay has multiple swing set dealers, installers, and locations that will install your playset for you; so your job is easy and relaxed, and you and the family can get straight to enjoying and making new memories. Safety is our top priority here at Woodplay, so make sure it’s yours before you even get the playset. Take into account these important tips and get the perfect surface for your playset.

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