The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining your Playset

You may have heard before that you need to stain or seal your wooden playset 1 to 2 times a year. Woodplay playsets should last anywhere from 15 to 20 or more years if properly maintained over time. You may be wondering what the difference is between stain and seal. Stain is what has a tint to keep and restore the color of your playset while also protecting the wood. While on the other hand, a seal is clear and just protects the wood but does not offer any color restoration. If your playset is not shaded at all, with it sitting in the sun will cause fading and decrease the quality of color. If the color of your playset is semi-faded, stain is the way to go. If the color is in good condition, seal may be the direction to go in and you can feel free to change it up over the years as well when you decide to go through this process.

            Not only is staining or sealing very important for a playset, but so is the all-around general maintenance to keep your swing set looking great for years to come.

What to do and what is important:

  • Start by removing each part of the playset that is not wood, if possible, for staining or sealing. Things such as plastic or easily detachable pieces such as our add-on accessories to make sure there is no chance of any damage happening to those pieces of the playset. This can also ensure nothing will get in the way of you going through the process of updating your playset.
  • Another tip that can be helpful to do for maintaining your playset is to power wash your playset. This is very helpful for getting all types of dirt and grime off the wood and crevices of the playset. This may also be important if you are going to paint over your stain or seal too. If you decide to take the route of power washing your playset, you will need to make sure wait long enough so that the lumber dries out completely before staining/sealing to allow it to soak in. if you decide to stain/seal before lumber is dry, it will not soak in well and will not protect the playset or last as long. NOTE: when power washing, keep your setting on a lower power and spray a safe amount of space away as you do not want to chip or damage the wood by spraying too hard or too close. Using a power washer will be effective quickly and you can also use this on your add-on accessories as well.
  • The next task to do would be to walk around your playset and double check everything that may look rough or have wear and tear is sanded down smooth to make it not only easy for paint or seal to be applied but ensure comfort while the kids play on it. Seal/stain or paint will be able to be applied evenly after sanding as well. This can also be a good point in time to make sure all screws are tight, and all hardware is checked.
  • Now it is time to seal or stain your playset. As mentioned earlier, this is super important to do one or two times a year to protect your playset for years. Go ahead and apply your stain or sealer, you will most likely need at least one or more gallons of this to cover the entirety of the playset. Note: if you are using seal, you do not have to be worrying if everything is spread evenly, since it is a clear coating. However, with stain you may have to be a little bit more cautious on how evenly it is being spread on and brushed out—much like regular painting. This is not a super difficult thing to do, and it is especially worth it and necessary to keep your playset in pristine condition. Allow over 24 hours to completely dry and inspect afterwards to ensure there were no spots missed and all areas are smooth.

These are just a short list of ways to keep your Woodplay playsets in good condition and looking their best for years and generations to come. Quality maintenance and general cleaning of your swing set is very important since a playset is a big investment for you and your family. We prioritize a quality playset as well as safety. Following these useful tips will ensure your playset is well taken care of. See our list of wooden playsets or find a local dealer today and customize your own swing set to start creating memories.

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