Red Round Swing

Item #: PG-SW-RNDR-024

  • ADD TO SWINGSET OR TREE LIMB — This saucer swing is designed to be added to an existing swing set or mounted to a strong healthy tree limb
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS — Our design is made of high-quality materials and allows for a wider range of motion for nonstop fun and years of play
  • WEIGHT LIMIT — Our swing can hold up to 300 lbs. when properly installed. The frame is made of steel and is covered with foam for comfort and safety
  • SWING STAYS DRY — The permeable heavy-duty nylon lets water drain through to keep the swing dry and ready for the next rider
  • EASY ASSEMBLY — Assembly takes less than 15 minutes with the included instructions. Swing easily hangs from existing swing sets or purchase a tree hanging kit sold separately


What could possibly be more fun than swinging? Swinging together! Go ahead and add the Woodplay Saucer Swing to your swing set for even more added years of nonstop fun for your kiddo AND you. This round swing allows for a wide range of motion, and its steel frame construction stands up to any weather that might get in the way. It is permeable, heavy-duty nylon mesh, this material allows the water that might get into it after a rainfall drain all by itself without any hassle, which will also keep the seat dry for the next rider of the swing while a foam cover will continue to ensure comfort for all riders. The four-rope round swing can hold up to 300 lbs., and can also hang from any existing swing set you might already have, or it can also hang from a healthy tree limb with a tree-hanging kit that is sold separately. Start your child's playing and enjoying today on our Round Swing! The memories are endless when you buy a basket swing!

Four-Rope Red Round Swing



24" or 30" diameter swing

Added Fun

This design allows for wider range of motion

Weight Limit

Weight limit up to 300 lbs.

Comfort and Safety

Steel frame covered with foam


Seat base made form permeable heavy-duty nylon to let water through

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