Bucket Swing

Item #: PG-SW-RTG-050

  • PREVENTS PINCHING — Swing chains are 50” long with the bottom 18” coated in plastisol to elimate sharp edges and prevent pinching
  • FOR DECKS 9' HIGH — Swing attaches to most playset decks up to 9’ high
  • DIMENSIONS — Swing seat is 11” from front-to-back and 10.6” from side-to-side: bucket depth is 12” from the highest point
  • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED — Playset bucket swing comes fully assembled
  • HIGHER BACK THAN COMPETITORS — Features a higher back than most bucket swings on the market, providing extra support for your kids' head, neck, and shoulders 
Color: Green


A fun, but safer way to let them feel what it is like to fly! For young children who are just learning to swing, we designed the Bucket Swing. With the Full Back Bucket Swing, they will have a chance to join in early while they are gaining core strength and getting ready for the belt swing as they grow. The Woodplay Full Back Bucket Swing features a higher back for enhanced safety, and a durable steel and PVC construction. This Bucket Swing is safe for the smallest of backyard adventures and perfect for toddlers on their first playset, and there is even added safety to this with our reinforced steel connectors. Its back is higher than most bucket swings on the market today, which makes it the safest option for your playset. It also offers the extra support for your kids’ head, shoulders, and back that most competitors cannot achieve. This Woodplay bucket swing is fully enclosed and features soft, comfortable plastisol-coated chains that eliminates sharp edges and prevents pinching, making play time ultra-safe and reliable for your little ones. The toddler swing has a smooth finish to its swing that makes it a more comfortable experience for your toddler.

Man pushing little girl in green Woodplay bucket swing


Safety First

Features higher back support

Prevents Pinching

Swing chains are 50" in length with bottom 18" coated in plastisol


Attaches to most playset decks up to 9' high


Durable steel & PVC construction


1 year limited warranty

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